Plastic bag

Polyethylene bag - a bag used for carrying and storing things and materials, made of polyethylene (polyethylene film).


The conventional packaging bag was first produced in the United States in 1957 and was designed to pack sandwiches, breads, vegetables and fruits. By 1966, about 30% of bakery products produced in this country were packed in such packages. By 1973, the production of bags in Western Europe was 11.6 million pieces. In 1982, plastic bags with a handle (so-called "T-shirts") appeared on sale in the largest shopping centers. Up to 5 trillion plastic bags are used in the world every year. The average lifespan of plastic bags from point of sale to destination is 12 minutes. By 2002, the total global production of plastic bags was estimated in the range from 4 to 5 trillion pieces per year. About 320 packages per capita were used in 2014.

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