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It all started with one man's dream of opportunities for many

The founders of the company once had a dream - to start a manufacturing company that will develop in both, providing regular income for their employees and being able to work with the best packaging for their partners. The dream began to come true in 1999, when the search for the first line for the production of a polyethylene sleeve was started. Soon the equipment was installed in a small room and the first meters of production were received.

2000 - the purchase of the second line and move in a workshop with an area of 200 sq. m were made. In the same 2000, the formation of the team took place. At the origins were those who built the company as their own, invested all their strength, energy and best in it. The first team trips to the forest were organized to discuss current issues in a non-working setting. In the future, it has since become a good tradition of training and team building.

2002-2003 - the capacity of the enterprise was increased to 80 tons per month, the first line for the production of bags was purchased. This increase in volume gives rise to a technical control service, which monitors the quality of products 24 hours a day. A powerful sales department is being formed with huge potential and flexible approach to sales.

Due to the increase in sales and the desire to strengthen its position in the Ukrainian market in 2002, the company developed new technical conditions that allowed all partners to receive products of even higher quality.

The years 2003-2006 were marked by a constant increase in production capacity and quality improvement through the acquisition of more high-tech equipment in three areas: film production, bag production, production of films and bags with flexographic printing. These actions undoubtedly led to an increase in production volumes up to 500 tons per month, as well as a clear consolidation by the partners of the trademark “Urpak”, regarding the quality and cost savings of new technologies proposed. Also, 2006 is marked by a clear and stable presence of the company in the top three leaders in the production of plastic packaging in the Ukrainian market, and this was only the beginning.

2007 The company became the owner of 3.5 hectares of production area, providing significant opportunities for increasing production capacity.

2008 Due to increased production and awareness of the importance of environmental protection, the company establishes waste recycling equipment.

The year 2009 was marked by the commissioning of the largest high-technology flexographic machine in Ukraine. The size of the rolls makes it possible to print on products up to 1500 mm wide in six colours. Thus, the quality was improved, attracting even more partners, so that new segments of the packaging market were opened for the company.

In 2010, the company purchased its own substation. Thanks to the continuous development of technology and the increase in production capacity, the company is ranked first in the market for plastic packaging manufacturers.

2011 was marked by the opening of a representative office in the Russian Federation and the acquisition of lines for the production of bags, such as a T-shirt and a banana, which allowed the “Urpak” team to enter new segments of the packaging market and firmly gain a foothold in the Ukrainian market.

The company's philosophy is to organize a high-tech, developing business as an opportunity for growth for its employees and partners

Company's mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of our partners' work by offering them a wide range of high-tech polyethylene packaging at competitive prices.

Commitment to quality

Improving our technologies, releasing new products, we strive to create the best plastic packaging in Ukraine. Our partners are always confident in its safety and reliability. In the production of products, be it bags, films or flexible packaging, we use raw materials from European manufacturers. We test finished samples under real conditions. This allows us to guarantee exceptional product quality.

An innovative approach

A deep understanding of the needs of our partners helps us create new packaging products. By introducing innovations, we reduce the cost of finished products and offer the best prices.

Perfect service is our priority

Perfect service is the backbone of our business. We do our best to make our partners feel comfortable working with us. We are deeply involved in the tasks of our clients, helping them make the right choices. We provide professional assistance and comprehensive support throughout the project. We strictly guarantee that the final product is delivered to the customer exactly on time. 

Commitment to business and team
We believe in our production strength, in our large, well-coordinated team. Each of us is responsible for our own actions, for our own sphere of activity. Sales department for expert assessment and consultation, production department- for exceptional product quality, logistics department- for timely delivery. Personal responsibility and focus on results help us quickly and effectively solve complex problems, achieve success for ourselves, the company and partners.

Caring for the environment
We are constantly working to minimize the impact of our activities on the environment. One of the main priorities of our company in this area is to reduce the technogenic load on the environment and preserve natural resources. For this purpose we have installed a recycling line. By recycling plastic waste into secondary granules, we follow the direction of zero waste production and contribute to the protection of nature.

Why clients choose us?

Loyal prices for the manufacturer's products

Flexibility of prices and an individual approach to each client, favorable terms of cooperation

We have been producing packaging products for over 20 years

We are a leader in the field of polyethylene packaging materials

Products are certified according to ISO 90001

Products comply with international quality standards, we use raw materials from European manufacturers

Production and technical base CMG (Italy)

The company uses the extrusion process in the production of flexible packaging, which is only possible on the CMG line

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