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Description Multilayer film

Simplistically, coextrusion is defined as the process of extrusion of two or more liquid polymers into a multilayer structure, or the deposition of two or more liquid polymers on a substrate for subsequent molding.

In the modern flexible packaging industry, coextrusion holds a special place as the most promising direction. The emergence of multilayer films was driven by several factors: economic, environmental and consumer demand. Using non-polluting adhesive layers and high-tech vulcanized adhesive components, coextrusion is a key technology behind the development of the processing and packaging industries.

Co-extrusion as a process is a trend in the packaging industry, as noted by John Perdikoulias, vice president of Compuplast, co-extrusion as a process, sustained by the cost-effectiveness and production optimization it provides.

Battenfeld experts believe that coextrusion makes it possible to reach the planned production capacity faster, reduce the number of production stages, and ensure a lower cost price. First of all, this refers to the method of producing a film by extrusion blown.

DuPont technologists divide the coextrusion process into two types according to the finished extrusion product - barrier and non-barrier. With the non-barrier method, coextrusion allows the manufacturer to maximize the necessary properties of the structure - weldability, coloration, opacity, physical mech. In the barrier method, coextrusion allows the use of an outer or inner layer capable of controlling the penetration of oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc.

A senior engineer at ExxonMobil Chemical Co. notes that the biggest drawback to coextrusion is “probably that the added complexity of the equipment means additional cost to maintain.

Methods of using multilayer films


The main directions of using three-layer polyethylene films:

  • - Agricultural films;
  • - Milk films;
  • - Films for packing frozen food;
  • - Film for packaging washing powders, dry feed, fertilizers, etc .;
  • - Shrink films;
  • - Steam and water insulation films.

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