Stretch film hood

Description Stretch film hood

Stretch hood film allows you to significantly optimize the packaging process, since this technology does not require the use of gas and gas burners, as a result, the installation of expensive and energy-intensive equipment, for example, heat shrink chambers, etc. is excluded.

Automatic measurement of the dimensions of the cargo significantly reduces material consumption, which increases the efficiency and profitability of production,as well as the overall tightness and tightness of the package.

Let's note the main advantages of stretch hood technology:

  • - the first and one of the most important advantages is the ability to pack pallets without using natural gas, which significantly increases the financial efficiency of the company.
  • - energy saving - equipment for packing in stretch film consumes almost half less energy than shrink wrap machines.
  • - high performance - packing in stretch hood film
  • - the process takes place at a speed of up to 250 pallets per hour, while on one machine it is possible to pack pallets of different sizes using films of different sizes;
  • - reliability of packaging - high elasticity of the film prevents its damage during transportation, which means that the cargo always remains hermetically packed and protected from atmospheric precipitation and other external influences;
  • - presentable appearance - transparent glossy film creates an aesthetic coating for the cargo;
  • - safety - a pallet with cargo, packed in a stretch sleeve, has a significantly greater stability during transportation than after shrink or stretch film.

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