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Five whys for Urpack
  • Patented technology
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compromises and understanding
  • Products delivery
  • Price flexibility and customized approach
Urpack – registered TM of plastic package manufacturer. Its main products are represented by polyethylene film, packing bags, polyethylene sacks, heat-shrink film and many others. Optional services – full colour flexographic print of 1500 m width.

Polymer materials recycling

Taking into account the growth of the output products volume and understanding current situation with environmental pollution worldwide, our company has put into operation the polymer recycling line.  In so doing we take an active part in reducing the man-induced impact on environment and saving natural resources. Recycling means reprocessing of the polymer waste into secondary granules using which the following plastic materials of industrial designation can be further made: Tubes, canisters and many others. So our company strictly follows a trend of the waste-free production making its own possible contribution into environment protection.


Product Quality Control

Quality statement


For our company that is the polyethylene manufacturer the quality is a precondition of the products output. Quality is expressed in all our actions. From the production beginning till its end – packing and delivery – we carefully observe to ensure the conformity of the output product to the quality highest standard.  Our customers deserve only such products and we are able to assure this quality standard.


In 2002 in connection with the production volume increase a special subdivision was formed at the enterprise to perform the acceptance quality control of incoming raw materials jointly with the technology department.  In addition these divisions systematically and daily perform verification of the output product properties.   Our highly qualified specialists closely cooperate with the independent laboratories of standard and quality among which the Ukrainian State Chemical Technology University. The patented unique technology of producing tubular film that surpasses the ordinary film of home manufacture by its physical and mechanical properties is a part of our achievement. The unique chemical composition allows us to make our package thicker by 30-40% with no loss of its physical and mechanical properties. High quality of our products is confirmed by many of our customers. Our technologists and laboratory assistants permanently work over developing new high technology products that meet the highest requirements of our partners on the market of Ukraine and neighbouring countries.


Bags production

The Urpack Company has complete production cycle for polyethylene bags manufacture. In the extrusion shop the film semi-product is made in bobbin form, then it is passed to the breaking machine shop where actually the bags are produced. You can order package of any complexity. Upon your request the chief technologist department will elaborate an individual process chart and you will get products with strict observance of all tolerances specified by your.

The bags can be of following types:

Bags (packing) Bags (T-shirt) Bags (Banana)


Flexographic printing

The Urpack Company also manufactures products with flexographic prints within six colours range; moreover we can place photos on package upon your request. Printing is performed on the production lines of Italian and Turkish manufacturers of such known brands as the Bielloni converting. For today our enterprise has a possibility to perform the full-colour flexographic printing of 1500 mm width.


Flexible package production

The Company produces all products by extrusion method having on its stock 24 production lines of such world brands as the Macchi and Dolchi extrusion. Working on equipment of such premium class our enterprise assures high quality of the output film package.