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Five whys for Urpack
  • Patented technology
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compromises and understanding
  • Products delivery
  • Price flexibility and customized approach
Urpack – registered TM of plastic package manufacturer. Its main products are represented by polyethylene film, packing bags, polyethylene sacks, heat-shrink film and many others. Optional services – full colour flexographic print of 1500 m width.

Flexible package

Currently the film is the most competitive packing material on the market of Ukraine. Using it you get a qualitative group package with good physical and mechanical properties enabling to deliver products at a great distance, firstly and secondly, you receive package with high optical properties that is capable to represent your trade mark at the highest level on  supermarket and discount store shelves.



Film (HP, LP sheet)


Made in sheet form and used as auxiliary material for packing any products.


Film (sheet of HP Specification)

Made in sheet form. Used as a group packing material with shrinkage properties (loss of geometrical size through thermal effect). Used for packing alcoholic beverage products, non-alcoholic beverages, tinned goods, etc.


Film (tubular or sheet form, HP, LP, embossing)

Made in tubular or sheet form with embossing (i.e. with bosses on polyethylene package surface spread in staggered order with a help of special equipment).  Applied for group package to avoid sliding of packed products such as cereals.


Film (tubular or sheet, HP, LP, perforation)

Made in tubular or sheet form with perforation (perforation means making holes with a help of special equipment in order agreed with a customer). Used for those types of group package where for a customer it is important that a product has an access to oxygen, for example, macaroni foods and meat products.


Film (HP or LP tubular film with side folds)

Made in tubular form with folds (folds mean inside bends). Used for those types of group package where for a customer it is important that packing material is able to gain volume.  For example in production of soft furniture or for pallets packing.

Film (HP, LP tubular film)

Made in tubular form. Used as group packing material. It represents a semi-finished product of which a customer can make packing bags of the required length on his own. Applied for group package of the prepacked product group:  flour, cereals or bakery products.


Film (HP, LP centre fold film)

Made in tubular form that is cut with a help of special equipment with a cut line on one side or in the middle – on a customer’s request. Used as a packing material for a single product, for example in mattress production.


Film (HP, LP sheet)

Made in sheet form that is cut into polyethylene leafs with a help of special equipment. Such package type is used as an additional barrier protecting a product from ingress of moisture, for example, in construction.


Films (sheet, HP Specification sheet, tubular film, centre fold film, tubular film with side folds)

All above listed products can be made with flexographic print within 6 colours range or photo).


Our design department will develop logotypes and pictures of any complexity according to the customers’ requirements.