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Five whys for Urpack
  • Patented technology
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compromises and understanding
  • Products delivery
  • Price flexibility and customized approach
Urpack – registered TM of plastic package manufacturer. Its main products are represented by polyethylene film, packing bags, polyethylene sacks, heat-shrink film and many others. Optional services – full colour flexographic print of 1500 m width.

Mission and corporate values



Our mission – to change for the better our partners’ performance quality by offering them a wide range of high technology plastic package at competitive prices.




Commitment to quality

Upgrading our technologies and launching new products we aim at producing the better plastic package in Ukraine. Our partners are always sure of its safety and reliability. For products manufacture whether they are bags, film or flexible package we use raw material of European manufacturers. Finished samples we examine through actual service testing. This allows us to assure the exceptional product quality.


Innovative approach

Deep understanding of our partners’ needs allows us to develop packing products of the latest pattern. By introducing innovations we cut the end products cost and offer more favourable prices.


Our focus - perfect service

The perfect service is a backbone of our activity. We do our best to let our partners to be pleased and comforted of cooperation with us.  Over every project we provide our customers with professional assistance and complex support. We strictly observe to ensure the end products delivery to a customer within the agreed term.


Commitment to business and team

We believe in our product and our big cohesive team. Each of us is responsible for his activity and area of work. So, the sales department is in charge of expert evaluation and advice, the production department is responsible for assurance of the exceptional product quality and the logistics department – for on-time delivery. Personal responsibility as well as drive for result helps us to solve challenging tasks quickly and efficiently and achieve a success for ourselves, company and our partners.


Environmental concern

We constantly work upon minimization of our operation influence on the environment. In this regard our company is mainly focused on reducing man-induced impact on ecology and saving natural resources. For this purpose at our plant the recycling line was put into operation. By processing polymer wastes into secondary granules we follow the trend of waste-free production and make our own contribution to the environmental protection.