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Five whys for Urpack
  • Patented technology
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compromises and understanding
  • Products delivery
  • Price flexibility and customized approach
Urpack – registered TM of plastic package manufacturer. Its main products are represented by polyethylene film, packing bags, polyethylene sacks, heat-shrink film and many others. Optional services – full colour flexographic print of 1500 m width.


All began with a dream of one person of opportunities for many others


The Company’s founders had a dream – to create manufacturing company that will became for its team an opportunity to develop and earn; and for partners – a possibility to work with the best package. This dream started to come true in 1999 when search for the first line for producing polyethylene tubular film was began. Shortly in small premises the required equipment was installed and first meters of products were made.


2000 – the second line purchase and removal to the new shop of 200 sq.m. area. In the same 2000 year the process of team creation was taking place. The originators became those who raised the Company as the own one devoting all efforts, energy and love. The first team meetings outside in the country for discussing current issues in informal settings were organized.  In future it became a good tradition for conducting trainings and to strength team spirit of the whole staff.


2002-2003 – the production capacities of the enterprise grew up to 80 tons monthly; the first line for bags manufacture was purchased. In connection with such volume increase there was created the technical control service performing twenty-four-hour surveillance over the manufactured product quality.  The highly-experienced sales department with a great potential and flexible approach to sales started its formation at that time.


2002. In view of further increase of sales volume and intention to enhance positions on the market of Ukraine, the Company elaborated new technical specifications allowing all partners to receive products of higher quality.


2003-2006 years are recorded with a steady growth of production capacity and quality enhancement through purchase of higher technology equipment for three lines: Manufacture of films, bags and those with deposition of flexographic print. Such actions have naturally resulted in increase of production capacity up to 500 tons per month and in distinct recognition of the Urpack trade mark by the partners being associated with quality and ability to cut production cost with a help of new technologies offered by the Company. Also the year of 2006 is remarked by clear and stable Company’s presence at the top three of    the plastic package manufacturers on the Ukrainian market and it was only the beginning.


2007. The Company became the owner of production facilities with area of 3.5 ha that enabled to increase its production capacity significantly.


2008. Taking into account the output growth and understanding the importance of environmental concern the Company put into operation the waste processing equipment.


2009 is recorded with starting use of the most wide-frame high technology flexographic machine in Ukraine. Its shaft size allows depositing print on products of width up to 1500 mm within six colours range.  So, the quality had been further enhanced attracting even more partners and opening new segments of the package market for the company.


In 2010 the enterprise purchased its own substation. By developing technology on a permanent basis and increasing its production capacities the Company stands the first on the market of plastic package manufacturers.


2011 is remarked by opening of the representative office in the Russian Federation and purchasing the production lines for making t-shirt and banana bags that allowed the Urpack’s team to enter new segments of the package market and consolidate firmly its position as the Ukrainian market leader.


The Company’s philosophy lies in organization of high technology advancing business as an opportunity for growth both for its team and partners.