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Five whys for Urpack
  • Patented technology
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Compromises and understanding
  • Products delivery
  • Price flexibility and customized approach
Urpack – registered TM of plastic package manufacturer. Its main products are represented by polyethylene film, packing bags, polyethylene sacks, heat-shrink film and many others. Optional services – full colour flexographic print of 1500 m width.

Нормализация процедур проверки грузов на таможне

Как всем известно на границе России с Украиной с 14.08.13 наблюдались трудности с прохождением таможенной очистки грузов. Сложность заключалась с введением дополнительных процедур проверки грузов украинского производства. По состоянию на 23.08.13 все дополнительные проверки по товарам украинского производителя сняты. Таможенная очистка проходит в штатном режиме. Задержек нет. Это обеспечивает бесперебойные поставки нашей продукции нашим партнерам во все уголки Российской Федерации.


Первый обладатель VIP-карты

26 июня ООО «Мастербич систем» отметила компанию «Юрпак» наградив ее первой VIP- картой. Многолетнее сотрудничество переросло в партнерские отношения, о чем свидетельствует безлимитный сертификат на пакет VIP-услуг.


Услуги класса «VIP» включают в себя:

• Качество и ассортимент товара класса «Premium»;

• Самые интересные ценовые предложения;

• Отсрочка платежей;

• Круглосуточная логистика;

• Круглосуточная техническая поддержка.


Компания «Юрпак» является постоянным потребителем продукции ООО «Мастербич систем», в частности, полиэтиленового концентрата. Именно многолетние партнерские, доверительные отношения и качество поставляемой продукции позволили выйти на новую ступень сотрудничества двух передовых организаций.






The “Urpack” Company always supports any sport initiatives of its employees as sport is just the thing that makes the person achieve high results and strive for victory and constant self-cultivation. We are pleased to see our colleagues full of energy and vital forces.  We like to conquer new peaks together with people who are able to work in team, in the company's team. Therefore on 08.07.13 we held the sport competition “Triathlon” on the following power exercises:

mixed grip chin-up;

parallel bar dips;

legs raising to bar.

Competitors: Tomchuk A.A., Velichko B.A., Shapoval L.N., Popov A.V., Podrez O.O., Pavlyuk V.A., Dotsenko Yu.Yu., Lupu S.B.


1st place – Velichko B.A. ( 71 points) – the company’s lawyer

2d place – Pavlyuk V.A. (70 points) – the sales manager

3d place – Podrez O.О. (55 points) – the packer



Donetsk Round Table Conference

On June 21, 2013 in Donetsk the round table conference on a topic of “Customs Union and Zone of free trade with Europe» was held upon initiative of the social movement the “Ukrainian choice”: Problems and prospects for Ukraine”.

The management of the “Urpack” Group Company was also invited to the meeting. This topic is very important and crucial for the company as 30% of the exported products of the enterprise falls on the countries of the Customs Union.  Participation in the Customs Union will accelerate growth rate of trade turnover between its member countries.

Participants: Viktor Medvedchuk, Doctor in Law, Professor, the leader of the All-Ukrainian social movement “Ukrainian Choice”; Sergey Glazyev, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of RAS,  Counselor of the RF President; Valeriy Heyets, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Director of Institute of Economics and Forecasting of NASU;  Sergey Batchikov, Director of the Centre of International Scientific and Research Institute of management issues, President of the Russian Trading and Finance Union; Aleksander Amosha, Doctor of Economics, Academician of NAS of Ukraine, Honoured master of science and engineering of Ukraine, Director of Institute of industry economy of NAS of Ukraine; Aleksander Pavlov, Ph.D., Deputy Director of the National Development Institute; Yuriy Kozhankov, Professor of scientific department of Customs law and Logistics of the North-West Institute of the Academy of National Economy and Public Administration at the President of RF, co-author of the Customs Code of the Customs Union; Oleg Noginskiy, the Head of Association “Customs Suppliers”; Lidiya Shynkaruk, Ph.D., corresponding member of NAS of Ukraine, head of division of economic growth and structural changes of the Institute of Economy and Forecasting of NAS of Ukraine; Aleksander Kendyuhov, Doctor of Economics, Professor,  Academician of the Academy of Economic Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Economists; Vladimir Voyush, coordinator of economic programs of the social movement “Ukranian Choice”; Taras Kozak, member of Coordination Board of the Social Movement "Ukrainian Choice”; Yuriy Makogon, Doctor of Economics, Professor, Academician of the Academy of Economic Science of Ukraine, Honoured master  of science and engineering of Ukraine, Director of Regional branch of the national Institute of strategic research in the city of Donetsk; and also representatives of other leading scientific institutions of Ukraine and the Russian Federation, management bodies of the Customs Union and Eurasian Development Bank, independent experts in economics and forecasting, heads of large-scale enterprises of Donets basin, representatives of non-governmental organizations and mass-media.


Video record of Sergey Glazyev and Victor Medvedchuk’s  speech at the meeting is offered here to your attention.


S. Glazyev: “Today the issue of integration choice is crucial for Ukraine”


People have to know about objective advantages and disadvantages of any vector of Ukrainian integration”


Report of DOTSENKO Yu.Yu.

“On considering prices at which products are bought and sold, way distance, cost of meal and seasoning and tribute to God for safe delivery of goods, the tsar must make traders pay duty”.

DharmaShastra of Manu (Laws of Manu), Ch.7 Art.127

The Managing Director of the “URPACK” Group Company Mr.Dotsenko Yu.Yu. (Ukraine, Dnipropetrovsk city) drew attention of those present at the meeting to the following:

So what is the customs value (indicative value) of goods?

The customs value of goods makes a base for calculation of all import taxes and duties. When imported goods go through customs clearance, in this particular case – plastic bags, the following customs payments are calculated proceeding from the customs value: Duty, VAT and other customs charges.

The reporter has pointed out that when assessing customs value of goods, the expenses incurred before crossing the customs frontier (if not included into invoice) shall be added to the invoice value.

The customs value of goods includes the following:

• invoice value of goods (that means actual goods value indicated by product manufacturer or seller);

• cost of goods delivery at frontier;

• handling operations at frontier;

• tare, package and works on goods packing;

• insurance;

• customs clearance in an exporting country (drawing up the customs declaration);

• royalty or other license payments to be paid by a customer according to the sales terms if such payments are not included to the goods value;

• part of sales proceed gained in Ukraine that shall be transferred to a seller under the contract terms;

• any other costs occurring before goods cross a frontier.

In his report Dotsenko Yu.Yu. has mentioned that the indicative value of plastic bags (the indicative price) is formed principally on a basis of all legalized goods, the customs clearance of which has been carried out and customs value is confirmed. The officer of the department of customs value control compares the declared value with that of identical or similar goods available in the customs database.

Further Mr.Dotsenko Yu.Yu. drew attention of those present at the meeting to the actual problem of the Ukrainian polymer market, in particular to that: Undervalue indicative prices on polyethylene bags manufactured in countries of the South-East Asia and Peoples Republic of China.

The reporter has pointed out that at the present stage many of retail networks and retail market players order and import polyethylene bags to Ukraine from the aforesaid countries, for example the recent purchase of such bags by “ATB” trade network. So, a home manufacturer is not able to compete with the cost of such bags proceeding from their unfairly low indicative price.   As a consequence the production facilities of Ukrainian manufacturers of plastic package tend to close down.

Dotsenko Yu.Yu. emphasized that just only analysis of this problem with no measures taken will not help to resolve situation and called the leaders of the Polymer club to participate in solving tasks mentioned by the reporter in practice.

The above issues caused the lively dispute among the polymer club members, many of the market players made their points and arguments on the issue, most of those present have supported the reporter.

Following the conclusions of the Dotsenko Yu.Yu.’s report the Association of polymer industry has made a decision to apply to executives of the Ministry of Revenue and Duties through its representative bodies with the appropriate appeal.